Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“I STRONGLY recommend using Pamela Starr as your virtual paralegal to help get your documents e-filed with the courts. I’m in Los Angeles, and she’s in Atlanta, and she’s as accessible and helpful to me as if her desk was five feet from mine. All I have to do is email her the pleading that I need e-filed and she takes care of the ECF filings and lets me practice law. She’s professional, accessible, fast and extremely competent. In the last week, I met several attorneys who are not set up with ECF and I proudly recommended Pamela to each one. If they are smart, they will retain her exceptional services.”
Baruch C. Cohen, Esq., Law Office of Baruch Cohen, APLC

“Pamela is an extremely capable and thorough paralegal, who consistently produces top quality work product. I highly recommend her to any attorney or firm in need of a paralegal, whatever the level of sophistication of the subject matter.”
Craig Smith, Attorney, Miller & Martin PLLC

“Pamela is an extremely bright and capable paralegal. She maintained very high standards and was a real self starter. She could always be counted on to go above and beyond. Her performance was exemplary.”
Glen Rubin, Managing Partner, Rubin Lublin, LLC

“I have worked with Pamela for years. I have been consistently impressed with Pamela’s attention to detail and ability to understand the Bankruptcy Code and how to solve secured creditors problems. I would give Pamela my highest recommendation. She would be a wonderful addition to any team!”
Mike Ackerman, Managing Partner, Zucker Goldberg and Ackerman

“Pamela and I worked together on many cases that were referred by her employer (law firm) to me to act as local counsel. Pamela is exceptionally bright, competent, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.”
Ernie Kirk, Partner, Denney Pease Allison Kirk

“Pamela is well-organized, capable and a pleasure to work with.”
Tony Powers, Partner, Rogers & Hardin

“Pamela is great to work with. She is professional and very thorough in all aspects of her job.”
Robert Porambo, Director of Legal Services, Knox Attorney Service, Inc.

“I’ve known Pamela for a number of years and can attest that she knows her creditor bankruptcy work. She is extremely thorough and accurate and I’ve never seen anyone more organized and efficient. Anyone who works for her will have been well trained and screened. I can highly recommend StarrParalegals for bankruptcy work.”
Lyza Sandgren, President/CEO, CanopyLegal, LLC

“I have known Pamela as a fellow Paralegal in the Atlanta legal community for many years. We met through our association with GAP/Georgia Association of Paralegals. Pamela was an officer and Board Member with GAP for several years as Director of Membership. During her tenure, GAP increased its membership and achieved a high level of member participation. This was strictly due to Pamela’s high level of energy and motivation as well as her enthusiasm for the Paralegal profession. She is a successful leader and a true professional in all of her endeavors.”
Patricia Dietz-Selke, Paralegal – Immigration Law Practice Group, Troutman Sanders LLP

“Pamela is a superb, detail oriented paralegal who brings energy and intelligence to the workplace. She provides a reliable work product at a cost affordable to the clients. It was a real pleasure to work with Pamela.”
Anthony Nimmo, Partner, Ice Miller LLP

“Pamela Starr has over 25 years of solid experience in the paralegal field and as such, she is an expert in her field. Always one to seek out cutting-edge information, Pamela continues to lead her profession in the pursuit of quality legal work.”
Chere Estrin, CEO, Estrin Education Inc.